/Tips for getting a job from home

Tips for getting a job from home

It wasn’t that long ago that working at home was a relative rarity. Some people have always worked outside their homes, to be sure, but this type of situation was the exception rather than the norm.

Now that things are changing and remote work is becoming more popular, you may be wondering how you can join in on the fun. Landing those coveted work-at-home positions can be tricky business, and here are some tips for success.

Use the right keywords for your work at home search

Start by knowing what keywords to search for. Job listings can be vague and confusing, and you could spend a lot of time sorting through them. That’s how long you could be using to get the job you want, so make sure you know what to look for.

Some work-from-home job listings may use acronyms like WFH or WAH, short for “work at home.” Others may use terms like telecommuting or telecommuting, while others may refer to their opportunities as remote positions. Scouring all of these terms will help you identify the most promising listings while avoiding positions that require a trip to the office.

tips help you get a job from home

Where to find legitimate remote job postings

It’s important to know that scams are rampant when it comes to remote job listings. It’s also easy to find yourself in the weeds, as a simple online search can quickly take you from one website to another and so on.

Therefore, when you are trying to find work from home, it is best to focus your search on some job boards known for posting legitimate opportunities. FlexJobs, for example, examines the legitimacy of all your postings. In fact, it does not do the same legwork, but you can still find many well-known companies with online jobs there. Remote.co is another site to keep an eye on. You can also sign up to receive job notifications directly on many company websites.

As you venture from popular job boards to sites like Craigslist and Facebook Jobs, you’ll need to pay close attention to signs of a scam. While there may be legitimate job postings elsewhere, it may also be easier for scammers to post on these sites.

Recognize the warning signs of a work-from-home scam

The pandemic has vastly increased the number of work-at-home opportunities, and that’s good news for job seekers. Even after the COVID-19 crisis is over, experts expect telecommuting to be, if not the norm, then at least an increasingly popular exception.

However, the fact that work-from-home jobs are now in abundance has created an unintended consequence, one that could separate you from your cash rather than help you earn it. As telecommuting has become more popular, scammers have been emboldened, and job seekers should view listings with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Recognize the warning signs of a work at home scam It is vital in today’s climate. If the supposed opportunity is vague in its requirements, or if the supposed employer asks for cash to pay for training or supplies, it’s time to run the other way. You don’t want to end up on the losing end of a work-at-home scam, and each dead end will further interfere with your ongoing job search.

Highlight your independence to employers

Many remote jobs require a completely different skill set than a traditional in-office position. Not everyone can make the transition, and potential employers will want to know if candidates can work for themselves.

It’s important to emphasize a sense of independence and a history of going your own way if you hope to work from home. You can do it through your resumehighlight it in your cover letter or use a combination of the two to increase your chances of success.

Prepare carefully for your video interview

The biggest hurdle to landing a work-at-home job is getting your resume to the top of the list, but there’s an extra step to consider. Before you can embark on your remote work career, you must first pass the remote job interview, and that requires careful and specific preparation.

If you think an in-person interview is stressful, imagine doing your best with just a webcam and an Internet connection. If you want your video interview to go smoothly, you need to practice every step of the way.

That means testing your internet connection to make sure it’s stable, checking your appearance in that little Zoom window, and reviewing your notes and interview answers with a trusted friend. The more you practice for your video interview, the more confident you’ll be when the call finally comes.

Use these tips to get a job from home

The world of work has changed enormously in recent years, and that’s good news for those who dream of working in their pajamas. While working at home was once a dream, it is now a reality for many people. Now that you know how to do it, you can look for the opportunities and land the work at home career you search.