/Moody’s Contracting Data Associate

Moody’s Contracting Data Associate

Moody’s Contracting Data Associate

General description:

Moody’s is recruiting a data associate at its Bangalore location. The individual will be an integral part of the Research Qualifications and Support (RRS) team providing and coordinating full data and process support. The selected candidate will be responsible for obtaining, extracting, validating and updating data and other information.

Full details of this job are as follows:

What will you be doing:

Understand the data set, as well as the input and output requirements.

Collect data from various sources and update relevant tools, templates, internal databases, files and spreadsheets after performing pre-described settings.

Data obtained from Moody’s internal tools, information shared by other teams, company reports. Interact regularly with other teams for workflow

Identify and investigate data issues, exceptions, and discrepancies, escalate as needed, and follow up to resolve them.

Download information, files, links, etc. of websites/internal sites and databases

Share daily and weekly updates as required by the process, including workflow status or summaries

This job description is published as a guide and is not exhaustive. Due to the changing nature and changing demands of our business, this job description may be subject to change. From time to time, you may be required to perform additional or other duties within the context of this job description, and in accordance with business needs.

Qualifications for this job:

Degree in business, finance, management or similar field

0-2 years of experience in business, financial data and processes based on Excel, with problem solving skills. Knowledge of financial statements and financial terms.

Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills

Demonstrates knowledge of Microsoft programs, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Excellent attention to detail and ability to complete processes without errors. Able to confidently follow a process and rapidly develop subject matter expertise without the need for ongoing quality checks on the job

Demonstrate flexibility with last-minute changes in commitments and deadlines and have the ability to prioritize tasks accordingly. Capable of managing and prioritizing large volumes of workload

Resourceful and proactive, continually looking for ways to make process/equipment/work environment improvements and motivated to provide a high level of service

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