/Journal Club 02-10-23 – MD of passive income

Journal Club 02-10-23 – MD of passive income

Here is Journal Club 02-10-23! Every week I have one NEWSPAPERS CLUB. After filtering the articles on the web, I present some that impacted my life this week. Be safe and stay well!

  • It’s no secret that many doctors have made hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year by taking paid medical surveys. If you’ve been thinking about starting a side business, taking paid medical surveys is definitely worth considering. Wondering where to start looking for these surveys? In that case, the doctor on fire has a valuable resource for you in the article: Top paid medical surveys in 2023. Check it out!
  • Let’s be honest; no one enjoys paying large sums of their hard earned money to the IRS. As high income earners, taxes are one of our biggest expenses. So is there a way that we can keep more of what we make? for him debt free doctor, there are numerous ways through which we can reduce our tax bill. The author talks more about it in the article: 10 Tax Strategies for High-Incomers: Avoid the Tax Man.
  • If you are new to real estate investing or aspire to become a real estate investor one day, it is crucial to start with what you want to achieve through real estate investing, just like with any other investment. So, to help you identify and set specific goals, the author of Good investment in eggs shares a beneficial guide in the article: Real Estate Investment Goals and Objectives.
  • Most of the time, people are advised to invest in a 401(k) account and even consider maxing it out, which sounds like decent investment advice. However, this is recently becoming a hotly debated topic among investors and financial experts. So what does this mean? The prudent plastic surgeon take a closer look and offer some insight on the subject in the article: Is a 401k worth it for doctors?

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