/11 Things Bloggers Should Do Differently

11 Things Bloggers Should Do Differently

What do you suggest bloggers do differently to make more money in 2022?

To help you make more money in 2022 as a blogger, we asked this question to seasoned bloggers and marketing experts to get their best insights.

From promoting your blog on TikTok to creating a membership program, there are several strategies you can try to help you generate more income from your blogs in 2022.

Here are 11 things bloggers should do differently:

  • Promote your blog on Tiktok
  • Diversify revenue streams and build a stronger brand
  • Give readers specific action steps
  • Post well-written content
  • Take advantage of tax breaks
  • Complement your blog with video content
  • Create a membership program

Promote your blog on Tiktok

Social video content platforms like TikTok are on the rise these days. And it’s a great way to get more attention to your blog and start earning more. Bloggers can get on a tik tok marketing trend and create a promotional video for your blog. The first step is to come up with a fascinating vignette, something that will make the viewer want to know more about your blog. Don’t worry about having a small clickbait title, as long as it’s not too misleading.

Second, dedicate a video to a specific blog and summarize its content, be sure to make it a tasteful cliffhanger. Viewers can learn more by visiting her blog. You can also improve TikTok SEO through captains and subheadings to make your content more visible on the discover page. Additionally, you can select your niche, target demographics, and associated community resources to localize your blog promotional efforts.

Antreas Koutis, Finance

Work on link building

For bloggers to earn more money, they need to focus on placement on the Google SERP. o Search engine results page. Bloggers should spend time doing keyword researchthinking about the ranking of your keywords against your competitors.

Once bloggers optimize their website for search engines, they will appear higher on the Google SERP and have a higher domain authority. Creating a healthy backlink profile on blog posts is one place to start to increase your blog’s domain authority. Having a good placement in the Google SERP, a high domain authority, and a healthy backlink profile will attract high-paying partnerships.

jacob dayan community tax

Diversify revenue streams and build a stronger brand

There are a few things bloggers can do differently to make more money in 2022. First, they can focus on creating higher-quality content that attracts more readers and followers. Second, they can diversify their income streams by adding more ways for readers to support them, such as through Patreon or other giving platforms. Finally, they can focus on building a stronger personal brand and expanding their reach through social media and other marketing channels.

Mateo Ramirez, paraphrase tool

Give readers specific action steps

The problem with many blog posts is that they tell you what to do but not how to do it. What is your reader trying to achieve? Teach them in as much detail as possible how to achieve that goal. Instead of just sharing exciting content, include how-tos and tutorials. Your blog posts include how-to steps, include examples, resources (such as a list of tools or a downloadable template), and descriptive images. Never take shortcuts by skipping steps. Remember that the more valuable your post is to the reader, the easier it will be to distinguish it from the crowd.

rai musk, Web Hosting Tips

Post well-written content

Everyone is jumping on the AI ​​bandwagon, and while using AI to write certain content can work, it’s not something you want to use freely. write content quickly sounds appealing, but if you want to stand out and make more money in 2022, I suggest you do your best and post well-written content. Because? Search engines will eventually catch up with AI-written content, and when they do, guess who will be up and offering original, well-written content, YOU!

So if you want to do something different to stand out and make more money from your blog, quadruple your content writing efforts. Not only will you do well, but readers will trust your content, which can help build a business in the long run.

Hector Ruiz, BBQ Grill Academy

Interact with your readers

Humanized content marketing is the number one way to make money from a blog this year. But publishing thoughtful articles is only one piece of the puzzle. Readers who really resonate with a piece usually leave comments or request more information in the comments section of your blog. Going back to their answers makes them feel seen and valued, and encourages them to come back for your next published article. If there’s a paywall behind your content, your authentic engagement will make them feel like they’re getting the full value of the subscription. This is how you build a loyal reader base and consistent passive income, especially if you are monetizing your blog through affiliate partnerships.

Ghosting your community will ultimately cause you to miss out on connecting with them on a deeper level and forging long-term relationships. Regular commitment may cost you more effort, but it’s worth the investment in the long run.

Brian Nagele, restaurant clicks

Review old content

Bloggers often focus on generating fresh content for increase traffic and site revenue while reviewing old content would require less effort and have even greater impact. By looking back at old blogs and determining what used to rank well and drive quality traffic but has dwindled over time, bloggers can identify opportunities to update content. Some of these adjustments can be the update of the year, the addition of new knowledge or the inclusion of new information. Because Google previously valued these pages, these updates can help that page easily rank where it once did, driving more traffic and revenue with less effort than generating a whole new piece of content.

ryan jacobson, LaneTerralever

Take advantage of tax breaks

Bloggers are entrepreneurs and CEOs of their own businesses, and I think there is very little advice given to freelancers about the potential tax refunds you can get as a self-employed person. To make more money in 2022, you need to impeccably track your spending and then do your taxes! Depending on your state or country, you may be able to get refunds for your internet usage, software purchases, and maybe even a portion of your rent returned.

Finding an accountant who specializes in self-employment will be a worthwhile expense that can help you earn more money through your blog by getting the proper tax returns. It also helps legitimize your business through the eyes of the IRS, which potentially means fewer audit scares in your future.

small doors, altLINE Sobank

Complement your blog with video content

Social networks contain more and more videos every day. Bloggers should also start streaming and creating video content to complement the blog. Several of our streamers started out as bloggers and brought their blog audience with them. More add-on content results in more revenue.

For a blogger to start broadcasting, it’s as simple as talking about a topic they’re also blogging about that day. You can also create a transcript to post additional, detailed content. Don’t just write. Start streaming and give your audience an even more engaging experience.

Sammy Shayne, couch fame

sell something

The number of bloggers who can make a living from affiliate links (or even sponsored posts) is dwindling as content becomes more and more commercial. Instead of trying to make money from someone else’s products or services, you can develop your own!

One of the easiest products to create is a course or a paid membership. Even if you think you’re not qualified (we all get imposter syndrome sometimes!), you know more than anyone and your expertise is worth paying for. And if you’re thinking, “there are a million courses on my topic,” remember that people buy access to you just as much as they buy information. The blog audience you have built over the years will be your first customers. They might even say, “FINALLY! I have been waiting for you to launch a course!”

Alisa Meredith, semrush

Create a membership program

Almost every blogger will tell you that they struggle with a common challenge: creating a steady stream of income to fall back on. Sure, there are plenty of affiliate marketing programs and ad placements out there. that can help you monetize your blog, but if you are looking for a more concrete way to earn money, creating a membership program could be a absolute game changer. It basically involves creating a community of your most engaged readers and offering them access to exclusive content in exchange for a membership fee. Seeing how you’ll cater to an audience that’s already excited about your blog, you’ll inevitably see several of your readers sign up.

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