/MBOSE HSSLC 2023 Class 12 Exams will start from tomorrow; Check the details here

MBOSE HSSLC 2023 Class 12 Exams will start from tomorrow; Check the details here

MBOSE HSSLC 2023: The Meghalaya School Board of Education (MBOSE) will start the Higher Secondary School Completion Certificate (HSSLC) exam for Class 12 students tomorrow. The MBOSE HLSSC exams will start with the Basic English test.


All works have a duration of 3 hours and a total score of 100 points. These documents also have a section for multiple choice questions based on objectives. The career stream has a total of 4 jobs and does not have an objective-based multiple-choice question section. Two of these jobs are worth 45 marks and must be attempted within 2 hours.

MBOSE HLSSC English Curriculum

The MBOSE Class 12 English Syllabus is divided into four sections: Prose, Poetry, Supplementary Reading, and Grammar and Composition.

Prose: (i) Indigo, by Louis Fischer, (ii) The rattrap, by Selma Lagerlof, (iii) Lost spring, stories of a stolen childhood, by Anees Jung, (iv) Deep water, by William Douglas
Poetry- (i) Keeping quiet-by Pablo Neruda, (ii) A thing of beauty-by John Keats, (iii) Taking care of animals-by Jon Silkin, (iv) And so it finally happened-by R. Parthasarathy.
Further reading: (i) What Men Live On, by Leo Tolstoy, (ii) Enchanting Caves of Meghalaya, by BD Kharpran Daly.

Grammar and composition-

Reading: invisible passages of various types (for comprehension, vocabulary enrichment, and note-taking)

Writing: (a) short writing such as taking notes, (b) writing notices, (c) writing letters (formal and informal), (d) job application letters, (e) writing essays
Use of grammar: (a) Transformation of sentences, (b) direct and indirect speech, (c) active and passive voice, (d) correction of errors in sentences, (e) use of word substitution, (f) words opposite