/ICSI publishes schedule for ICSI CS 2023 June session

ICSI publishes schedule for ICSI CS 2023 June session

ICSI publishes schedule for ICSI CS 2023 June session

He Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has announced the schedule for the ICSI CS June 2023 session. Exams for the ICSI CS June 20223 session will begin on June 1 for Executive and Professional levels.



NOTE: Please note the following:

  • In case of submitting an application to change test center from any of the test centers located in India to Dubai, a surcharge of USD 100 or its equivalent in Indian rupees, i.e. 8286/=, will be applied in addition to the fee. prescribed. 250 rupees/-).
  • The request to delete the number of the module(s) and the request to change the Test Center within the city (when there are several Centers in a city) are not allowed.
  • Enrollment mode: ONLINE mode only (offline applications will not be accepted)

*Change requests, if any, received after the last dates listed above will be rejected without notice.

Guidelines or Instructions for the June 2023 CS Exam:

1. All Executive and Professional Program students eligible to sit for the June 2023 exam session are advised to follow the following important instructions to follow during exam registration and while sitting for exams. Students are recommended to take note of it for strict compliance.

2. Students are advised to keep a copy of the exam fee receipt they submitted during the exam registration process. The fee receipt is automatically generated by the system for all successful transactions.

3. Students may note that for all transactions (including failed transactions), the system generates the Request ID and Transaction ID. Therefore, the generation of Request ID and Transaction/Payment ID does not always result in a successful transaction. It is in the interest of students to check the payment status to avoid complications at a later stage. Resubmit exam forms whenever payments are NOT successful.

4. All exam requests without a valid payment receipt will be rejected without notice. In case the amount is deducted from the bank account/debit/credit card but the system does not automatically generate the acknowledgment, students should verify the payment status with their bank.

5. In case of payment of the examination fee through Canara Bank Challan, the date of cash deposit at Canara Bank branches will be treated as the date of eligibility. Students will have to wait at least 3-4 days from the date of the cash deposit for the reconciliation and transfer of the amount to the Bank Account of the Institute. They will be able to generate a formal receipt/acknowledgment of payment only after the payment has been made in the Institute’s bank account. In the event that payment is not reconciled within 3-4 days, students are encouraged to submit a copy of the Challan to http://support.icsi.edu to verify receipt of payment.

6. Students generating the Challan by March 25, 2023 must deposit the cash on or before March 25, 2023 to avoid a late payment fee, otherwise they will have to regenerate the Challan and deposit the cash, including the late payment fee. . Similarly, Students who generate Challan during the period from March 26, 2023 to April 9, 2023 must deposit the cash in the bank on or before April 9, 2023. Exam registration requests for students who deposit cash in the bank after April 9, 2023 will be rejected without notice. Please inquire about public holidays, if any, to ensure cash is deposited early enough to avoid application rejection.

7. In each exam session, thousands of students are expected to seek enrollment, and in order to avoid difficulties in the online portal due to peak load, students are advised to submit the exam form well in advance without waiting for the last dates. The Institute is not responsible for the failure to submit the form and/or payment due to technical or other problems.

8. Students will not be able to submit the exam form and fee after the stipulated dates and such exam forms will be summarily rejected without NOTICE.

9. Students are advised to check preliminary registration details in their online accounts to avoid complications at a later stage.

10. Students may note that enrollment status changes are not normally allowed. However, in unavoidable circumstances, they may request a change of Examination Center.

eleven Denovo registration:

Students whose registrations have expired after the five-year validity period must apply for the Denovo Registration through the online facility available on the official ICSI website.

Students must apply for Denovo registration well in advance so that they can apply for exam registration by April 9, 2023 to be eligible to apply for registration for the June 2023 exam session. The Institute is not responsible for any delay by students in applying for the Denovo Record on time that results in the non-submission of the examination form.

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