/He counts the stars wallpaper

He counts the stars wallpaper

It never ceases to amaze me how vast God’s knowledge is. In a millisecond He knows the information about the stars, the galaxies, how many hairs we have on our heads (Luke 12:7), just everything.

But contrast that with Jesus. Jesus does not know EVERYTHING. He does not know when he will return to gather the saints (Matthew 24:36), for example, and while he lived on earth as a human, he could not know everything during that time, He was human and willingly emptied himself to lower himself to himself to that human form.

And the angels, they know less than that. Although they spend a lot of time with God and serve God and us (on behalf of God), they are created beings. They are not God.

God the Father is the only one who really knows absolutely everything. He’s mind blowing, especially considering how Jesus and God are one.

Something that we definitely cannot understand on this side of Heaven. But looking up at the night sky can help you remember how wonderful and blessed we are to be able to serve such a great God.

We look at the stars and see His handiwork, His vast knowledge of everything, His ideas, what He considers beautiful. It’s amazing, isn’t it?!

Taking inspiration from that, today I have some really cool ones for you. He counts the stars wallpaper for all your technological devices! Just download it below…

He counts the stars wallpaper

I hope these beautifully designed 4K HD quality wallpapers will inspire your heart and give you a greater sense of who God is. These wallpapers are available for your phone, iPad, desktop, laptop, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook cover photos.

You can take the wallpapers below and share your love for Christ with the world!

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Phone (1849 x 3798 pixels):

He counts the stars-Phone

Laptop (2550 x 2048 pixels):

He counts the star-portable

Instagram (2550 x 2550 pixels):

He counts the stars-Instagram

Large computer (2550 x 1435 px):

He counts the big computer of stars

Facebook Cover (2550 x 948 px):

He counts the stars-Facebook

Pinterest Cover (2702 x 1548 px):

He counts the stars-Pinterest