/How to get more media exposure for your blog

How to get more media exposure for your blog

I love unique blog traffic ideas. You know, things beyond Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Things a bit beyond what most are doing. Today we are talking about how to get great media exposure for your blog with those who have.

My first exposure to publicity in the media was when some of my advice was included in Tory Johnson’s book Spark & ​​Hustle: Start and grow your small business now. And my first real experience of “going viral” was when one of my posts here at TheWorkAtHomeWife.com was picked up by a radio show. It was huge for me, and that post is still one of the most popular today.

Get media coverage

While the mention of the radio show came as a complete surprise, the Spark & ​​Hustle pub was something I looked for. For many, having a publication picked up by a journalist is a stroke of luck. It certainly was for Brittany from equipping godly women:

“My radio interview was actually a pleasant surprise! One of my posts was blowing up on Facebook and a lady who works at a radio station saw it and emailed me to invite me to the show. Of course I said yes!”

And networking is always important, as Anna from Real ways to earn money online Share:

“Networking within your niche is important. Many people don’t want to do that because they don’t trust their “competition.” But, the initial women’s world The exposure I got was a direct result of having a friend in this industry. And although I can’t confirm it, it is possible Women’s Day They only contacted me because they saw the piece in women’s world. So one thing often leads to another.”

Where can I find media opportunities?

I love HelpAReporter.com. They send media inquiries three times a day every day of the week. You’ll find a little bit of everything, from bloggers looking for dates to major TV shows looking for guests. here is a some quick sprout tips. You will have to go halfway down to find the HARO section.

The Work at Home Woman also has a great list of opportunities to be interviewed. As Anna mentioned, one thing often leads to another in the online world. Don’t pass up any opportunity to get her name out there.

And opportunities can be anywhere. Many magazines ask their communities for help with upcoming pieces. That’s Miranda’s WAHAdventures.com appeared in Parents.

My sister nominated my blog in a contest on Parents.com. The blogger who received the most votes in her category would be featured in an article in her magazine. Thanks to my amazing readers: WAHAdventures won and was featured in Parents magazine.

Authority Publishing has some great material on hosting radio shows. Although the article is written with the authors in mind, simply modify it as needed.

Brittany says it all for those looking for great publicity: “First, you must have QUALITY content. A radio station is not going to interview you about an article that is vulgar or just like everyone else. Write something truly useful, life changing, unique and interesting. Write something GOOD. Then find the right person to introduce it to and send them an email. Your audience is just as important as your writing, because it has to be a good fit.”

Holly Hanna of The Work at Home Woman has this advice: “Probably the biggest reason I’ve been able to get so much major media coverage is that I say ‘yes’ to almost every opportunity that comes my way. If an inquiry comes in and they say they need a quote or answers before 5:00 pm today, I drop everything I’m doing and respond to their inquiry.” And if you’re still not getting any incoming inquiries, “be assertive and look for the opportunities you want. The media is constantly in need of new content, and if you can come up with a good story idea, chances are you’ll land a spot.”