/TELUS International RECRUITMENT! Remote job ranking search engine results

TELUS International RECRUITMENT! Remote job ranking search engine results

Telus International AI is a Canadian technology company that provides IT services and multilingual customer support to national and global clients. They typically serve industries such as technology, financial services, gaming, travel, hospitality, healthcare, and other businesses with a desire to enhance their customer experience through technological advancements. They are commonly known for building, testing, and implementing solutions that improve customer experience in digital areas, including mobile, cloud, AI, automation, to name a few.

Benefits and advantages

Telus International AI enables eligible employees to receive a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package. Workers who can also be self-employed also enjoy flexibility and roles ranging from full-time to part-time and remote opportunities. With a variety of workers and work styles, this allows Telus to offer global community interactions within the company.

work culture

Telus International IA career page promotes a high investment in opportunities for personal and professional growth. Most workers will have access to continuing education through various partnerships with accredited local universities and Telus International education/degree subsidized tuition and on-site classes.

job requirements

Telus International is looking for Custom Internet Advisors, also known as US Testers. In this role, a tester will analyze and provide feedback on text, web pages, images, and other types of information for the purpose of gathering data on search engines. search. This role is an independent position that allows a worker to self-direct their own schedule.

In general, to become a US Qualifier for Telus International, you will want to have or be:

  • Reside in the United States.
  • Have a desktop/laptop computer and a smartphone.
  • Minimum experience of 12 months (Gmail as main email).
  • High school diploma or GED score.
  • Active use of social networks (Twitter, Facebook).
  • Familiarity with current and historical business, media, sports, news, social media, and cultural issues in the United States.
  • Experience with web browsers to navigate online content.

How Much Do Personalized Internet Advisors Earn?

As a US Grader in this type of role, you can expect to earn $14 per hour.

The application process

Telus International also includes an exam as part of its application process. This is to help them and you get a feel for the job as an evaluator. It usually takes just a few hours, but candidates have 7 days to complete it. After submission and approval, most workers can start work immediately. You can get more information about this exam at seeing this video.

How to apply? To learn more about this position and how to apply go here to visit your job board. Good luck to you all!

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