/My Tips and Examples for Better Blog Post Titles

My Tips and Examples for Better Blog Post Titles

Blog post titles are often an afterthought. You spent time researching keywords. You spent time researching your topic. You spent time writing your post. Now, you’re ready to press Publish and move on to the next task. It’s easy to just throw something in there and move on. Sure your regular readers will have an idea of ​​the type of content you provide for them to click through, but that may be the lifespan of your post if you don’t spend a few extra seconds crafting a good headline. Use these tips to write post titles that will get readers clicking long after today.

It’s a numbers game. People love numbered lists. Maybe they just want to double check that you kept your promise of six tips. Whatever it is, it works.

  • Example: 6 tips to beat insomnia

Remember the 5 W’s (and that poor H). She tries to start her titles with Who, What, When, Where, Why or How. You can ask a question or just make a statement. Either way, you will most likely see an increase in your click-through rate. Make sure you are answering the question.

  • Example: Why you need to change your hosting company now

use adjectives. Words like best, worst, superior, and incredible intrigue us.

  • Example: Top 5 Summer Vacation Spots

The length of the title should not be too long or too short, just the right one. Give your readers an introduction. If your title is “Hostgator”, I’m going to be a little confused as to what’s next. Are you sending me to the Hostgator site? Are you reviewing the Hostgator service? Is there any important news that I should know? Let me know highlight where I’m going and what to expect. This is especially the case on Twitter, where previews are not available.

  • Before: Hostgator
  • After: Top 10 Reasons to Make Hostgator Your Host

When all else fails, use a template. Just fill in the blanks of a proven formula, and you’ll be well on your way to a better blog post title.

  • Example: Amazing [items] Low [low cost]

We’ve become a bit reliant on post previews and our personal connections carry the weight of the titles. However, they are not always available. Putting a little extra effort into the title of your new blog posts can greatly increase your click-through rate and keep those posts active for the long haul.

Here are blogging ideas to clear writer’s block and give you some inspiration for your new blog posts!

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