/Data Entry Work at Home with Cass Information Systems

Data Entry Work at Home with Cass Information Systems

One of the few legitimate data entry jobs at home that I run into from time to time is through a company called Cass Information Systems.

Cass Information Systems frequently has a work-from-home position open for an “outside bill payment specialist.”

The only drawback, and I should mention this now so you stop reading if it doesn’t apply to you, is that you have to live close enough to Columbus, OH to attend several weeks of training before working at home.

If you live close enough to jump in and get trained, read on for all the details you need to know about work from home data entry work with Cass Information Systems.

What are Cass information systems?

Cass Information Systems is one of the leading providers of information processing and payment services, particularly in the transportation industry. They were founded in 1906.

The company provides its payment and processing services to businesses, including freight payment, bill payment, utility payment, and telecommunication expense management.

What does the external payment specialist do?

According to the job description, as an Off-Site Payments Specialist, you will operate and maintain a personal computer entering data to pay freight invoices and report information.

While that’s a bit vague, the job posting title states that this is a data entry position.

How much can you earn as an external payments specialist?

The pay rate for the Offsite Payments Specialist job is listed at $13 per hour, so it’s low (which is the norm for most data entry jobs that are legitimate).

The job posting says you can get production bonuses too. No benefits offered.

What is the schedule with Cass Information Systems?

A regular schedule is not listed in the job posting. The only thing mentioned about the schedule is that you need to commit to 20-25 hours of work per week, but this can be done “as it fits your life”.

The training you must complete on-site before working at home takes place Monday through Friday from 9 am to 2 pm.

What skills do you need to be successful with the external payment specialist job?

The external bill pay specialist job seems to be pretty basic, though they say you need to be able to type 9,000 keystrokes per hour accurately.

If you don’t know how many keystrokes per hour you can type, you can try it here and work to be faster if you are too slow.

In addition to the keystroke speed requirement, they also say you must have a high school diploma or equivalent and some prior keyboarding experience.

What are other workers saying about the data entry job with Cass Information Systems?

I checked Glass door for reviews. Most workers have given the company three out of five stars overall, which is average.

As for the data entry job, most of the feedback is what you would expect. Workers love being able to work from home and enjoy flexible hours.

Complaints center around lack of benefits, low wages, and I saw some complaints about training. There was another person who said that he wasted a lot of time every day without pay “waiting for work to arrive”.

In the company’s defense, the job offer is pretty clear about what the salary is and the fact that there are no benefits. So people know those things that happen.

How does it apply?

If you really want a legit data entry job from home, meet the requirements, and live close enough for training, you can go here to get started with your application.

Good luck! Please comment below if you have any experiences with this company that you would like to share.

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