/NBE Opens Applications for FNB Exit Exam 2022; Check the details here

NBE Opens Applications for FNB Exit Exam 2022; Check the details here

The National Examination Board in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) has started registrations for the National Examination Board Scholarship Exit Exam in National Board (FNB) 2022 or Scholarship Exit Exam (FEE) on-site NBE official website natboard.edu.in. Candidates may apply until 11:55 pm on March 14, 2023.

NBE Opens Applications for FNB Exit Exam 2022

The NBE informs the candidates that the exam will be held in March or April 2023. The exact date of the scholarship exit exam will be informed to the candidates through admission cards in their OEEP account. The scholarship exit exam admission card date has not been released yet.
Candidates will be required to pay a fee of Rs 6,000 for the NBEMS Scholarship Exit Exam at the time of enrollment.

NBEMS FNB 2022 Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must earn a minimum of 50% total points in theory and practice to qualify for the exam. The theoretical work for the 2022 scholarship graduation exam will last 3 hours and will consist of 10 questions with 10 points each (10×10 = 100 points). The practical exam NBEMS FEE 2022 will be 300 points and includes clinical and viva exam.

The board has informed candidates that changes to the test center will not be considered, once assigned. “For any queries, candidates can contact the NBEMS Candidate Service on 011-45593000 or write to NBEMS on their helpline portal accessible via the applicant login or NBEMS communication web portal : exam.natboard.edu.in,” stated the official notice from NBEMS.

FNB Exit is an exit exam conducted by the NBE to provide admission to eligible candidates for the FNB (Fellowship in National Board) degree. Candidates who have undergone FNB trainee training at any of the NBEMS accredited institutes and are completing their prescribed FNB trainee training as per the prescribed schedule may sit for the FNB Exit Exam 2022 in the same subspecialty subject to completion of the training and presentation of a certificate to that effect.