/Slice The Pie Review: Can You Really Review Music For Money?

Slice The Pie Review: Can You Really Review Music For Money?

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Your opinion matters a lot on the internet. We’re not just talking about leaving a review or commenting on someone’s social media post.

There are real companies and websites that will pay you for your opinion on different topics.

In this Slice the Pie review, we’ll go over how you can get paid to listen to music and share your thoughts.

You don’t need to be an expert to review music, as everyone has their own personal tastes in music and opinions.

Also, this is an easy and low effort way to earn extra money when.

What is Slice The Pie?

Slice the Pie is a website that helps give aspiring musicians the chance to have their music heard and get feedback. The site was started in 2007 as a fun way to recognize up and coming artists.

Today, it is one of the top music review sites that actually pays users for their honest opinion.

User ratings and reviews are left in real time and Slice the Pie partners with music executives, designers, buyers and retailers to collect this important feedback.

If you’re looking for more opportunities outside of music, Slice The Pie also pays you to write reviews of fashion items, accessories, and commercials before they’re released.

Is Slice The Pie legit?

Getting paid to review music and other material with no experience or credentials under your belt may sound too good to be true.

However, Slide The Pie is a legitimate website. The site has been around since 2007 and has paid out $7 million while collecting over 60 million reviews.

Slice the Pie is also rated 3.8 (out of 5) on TrustPilot with more than 350 user reviews. This is what one user had to say about the site:

This site is great! I have been using it for months now and have really loved it. Yes, sometimes the payouts are low, but as soon as you get a full 5 stars on your account, you’ll get paid even more!”

Another said:

“I am currently a teenager and I have been using this site as (sort of) a job, from this site I can earn an average of 8-12 bucks an hour and I review songs for about 4 hours a day, and review songs. 4 days a week, so the total amount I earn on this site per week is about $130. (That’s a fair amount of money for an unemployed teenager.)

Some users complained that they didn’t like the limit their account balance had to reach to get paid, while others said that some of the rules and requirements for leaving a review were too strict.

Overall, Slice the Pie is just one of many legitimate ways to earn some extra cash. This site is comparable to credible short task sites like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars.

How much does Slice The Pie pay?

Slice the Pie doesn’t pay much, but it does pay users for leaving quality reviews. Unlike other short task sites, you don’t get paid with coupons or discounts.

Slice The Pie pays reviewers through PayPal for each review they leave.

You will need to reach an account balance of $10 before you can redeem your winnings via PayPal. The amount you earn per review depends on the type of review and your account rating.

Some basic reviews pay less than $1, but if you improve your star rating and the quality of your review, you can earn more.

Quality reviews are detailed, constructive and well written in English. Also, some review categories will pay more than others.

You will always know how much the review will pay before you accept the task and listen to the song or see the product. Your star rating is visible from your dashboard and is important as the better your rating, the more you can get paid.

Generally, PayPal payments are made on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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What is a Slice The Pie referral code?

Once you sign up for Slice the Pie, you can refer others to join with a referral code. This code gives them a login bonus when they join and you’ll get a bonus too.

Simply click on the ‘Refer a Friend’ tab of the website to create your unique referral link. When someone signs up, you will earn a portion of what they earn.

This could be a good way to earn passive income while sharing a useful resource with others to earn money.

Consider sharing your link on social media, emailing your friends, or even sharing the link to your blog if you have one.

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How to review music for money on Slice The Pie

If you’re looking for Slice the Pie tips, you’re in the right place. Using this site is easy but it is also quite competitive. Here are some steps to help you sign up quickly so you can start leaving quality reviews and getting paid.

Step 1: Sign up for Slice The Pie

If you’re ready to check out music for money as a side gig, just head over to the site and click sign up. You will have to enter basic information such as your name, email, password and date of birth.

If you are using someone’s referral code, you can also enter that during this step. You just have to be at least 13 years old to sign up.

Like other short task websites, Slice the Pie users are independent contractors, which means you are not an employee and will not receive a paycheck.

Instead, you’ll receive all of your money as a direct payment, tax deducted.

Another important thing to keep in mind during this step is to check the box at the bottom of the form that says you agree to receive email leads.

This allows Slice the Pie to send you emails about bonus payments, high-paying surveys, and other opportunities to help increase your earnings.

While you can always opt out, it’s important to have email notifications so you don’t miss out on opportunities to earn extra money.

A lot of people are signed up for Slice the Pie and this creates extra competition, so it helps to be one of the first to hear about opportunities.

Step 2: listen to music

Once you’re signed up and have emails turned on, it’s time to start looking at paying opportunities. There are tons of songs to listen to on Slice the Pie along with other ways to earn money.

However, song reviews are probably the easiest way to earn money since you only need to listen to a snippet of the song.

Most songs require you to listen for at least 90 seconds before you can leave a review.

Slice the Pie pairs independent recording artists with reviewers they refer to as scouts. Recording artists are the ones who pay for your reviews.

Furthermore, Slice The Pie also has partners in other genres who pay for users to complete other short tasks and write reviews on different things.

Just be sure to manage your time when searching for opportunities on the site. Since you can see how much you could earn up front, determine how much effort and time you’ll need to put in beforehand.

This is often a flexible way to earn a few extra bucks during your spare time without having to commit to extra work or hours.

Step 3: Leave quality reviews

In order to receive payments from Slice the Pie, you will need to leave a quality review. Once you’ve finished listening to a song or viewing a product or commercial, it will give it a rating from 1 to 10. You can then write a review of at least 60 words.

While it’s not required, you may want to look into tips for leaving song reviews. Slice The Pie wants reviews to be clear, honest and constructive.

This means that you may not get more chances if you just write “good song” in your review. It shouldn’t be that simple.

Instead, reviews should be more subjective and provide real feedback and first impressions.

The more quality reviews you leave, the higher your star rating will be, and this can have a direct impact on your earnings.

Are there other sites like Slice the Pie?

This Slice The Pie review revealed everything you need to know to get started on the platform. The concept of getting paid to review music or complete short assignments is nothing new.

There are other similar sites around like hit predictor and radius gain.

However, Slice The Pie has the best reputation and has been around for 15 years. Plus, they also pay you conveniently through PayPal and have low payment threshold requirements.

While this site won’t make you rich, it could be a fun alternative to taking online surveys for similar amounts of cash.

So if you want to take a break from survey sites or diversify your side income a bit, consider giving Slice the Pie a try.

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