/The Massive List of 60 Paid Smartphone Apps

The Massive List of 60 Paid Smartphone Apps

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you know that I’ve been writing reviews of smartphone apps that reward you with some extra cash for quite some time now.

When I started this was a new trend because smartphones were pretty new too.

Fast forward to today, almost everyone has a smartphone, and it’s safe to say that apps that pay you have become quite common.

you can know that i love researching ways to make money and building large, comprehensive lists. So, I thought I’d take the challenge today and see if I could put together a list of 60 smartphone apps that offer rewards.

And what do you know, I was able to do it!

Keep in mind that almost all of these smartphone apps are available for both iOS and Android users. Although, for some of the apps, you may have linked only one type of device, but rest assured, they are most likely available for both.

Now, it is important to note that not all of these apps are created equal. While I think they’re all legit, some can be a bit disappointing, while others are totally awesome.

But the one thing you can count on is that each of these apps will pay you in one way or another. So go ahead, have fun and good luck!

Task-based/mystery shopping apps

The apps listed below will pay you to do things like go to stores, take screenshots, take surveys, and other fun tasks.

It’s basically like being a secret shopperbut with your trusty smartphone by your side.

Keep in mind that if you live in a bustling city or town, you will probably have more tasks available to you compared to those of us who live in more rural areas.

Shopping Apps – I get paid to buy groceries

These apps are great if you want to get real cash back just for buying certain foods. And some of them will also work in places besides grocery stores!

You can use the apps below in addition to the coupons, and the savings later oh really add.

Plus, who doesn’t love getting real money back in their pocket?

For what it’s worth, Ibotta is my favorite of these apps and the one I’ve been using for a long, long time.

More shopping apps

The apps below also involve buying and storing products, but they work a little differently than the cash-back shopping apps I’ve listed above.

rewards apps

These apps are basically like any rewards site you might use (think Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars), but you can do it all right from your phone.

You can earn some extra cash by doing things like watching videos, completing offers, taking surveys, playing games, and much more.

It’s a very easy way to earn some extra cash, all from the comfort of your smartphone.

Earn money for testing new apps

These popular apps pay you cash or rewards just for downloading and trying new apps.

Therefore, it is a win-win situation. You can earn a bit for doing something that is probably already fun, while app developers get to show off their awesome new apps to new users.

taking surveys

The following apps pay for using your smartphone to give feedback on various products and services. This is similar to any web-based survey panel you might use.

The only difference is that you are answering the questions from your smartphone. This may actually be more convenient for you, allowing you to participate in surveys more frequently, since you may not be in front of your computer all the time.

sell your stuff

Looking to clean up some of your clutter and earn some extra cash at the same time? There are tons of apps out there that will pay you to sell your stuff!

Whether you have clothes, electronics, or just about anything else you want to get rid of, these apps make it extremely easy to turn your unwanted items into some extra cash.

Let people rent your car

There are some apps that will pay your car rental to others in cash.

So if you have a spare car that you don’t use very often and need some extra cash, these apps make it easy to start earning money by renting out your wheels.

Physical aptitude

Some people say that diet and exercise-based apps make it much easier to meet their health goals. And when you add money as another incentive, it’s even better!

The apps below will pay you cash or other rewards for sticking to your fitness goals.

Watching videos

There are some reputable apps out there that will pay you to watch videos on your phone or tablet.

From funny clips to movie trailers, there are a wide variety of videos to choose from and you can earn cash or rewards just by watching.

Taking pictures

Are you someone who loves to take photos with your smartphone? Well, you can actually get paid for those photos.

It may sound too good to be true, but the following apps pay you to take photos of almost anything. From scenery to food, there are a wide variety of photo opportunities available and you can earn cash or rewards just by taking a few photos.


The apps below are unique in the way you use them. They don’t fit all that well into any of the above categories, so I’ve grouped them together here.

  • honey gain – Earn by sharing your internet.
  • MobileXpression – Get paid for your internet usage data.
  • the other way around – Receive payments for your gas refills.
  • sittingRead the review: Earn money for dining out.
  • free bird – Receive payments for taking trips with different shared transport services (such as Lyft or Uber).
  • Miles – Get paid for every mile you travel.
  • acorns – Acorns makes investing in your spare change easy.

As always, I wish you the best of luck if you try any of these paid smartphone apps. Feel free to comment below and share your experiences using any of these apps with other readers!

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