/MBA in Operations Management; Scope and career opportunities in India

MBA in Operations Management; Scope and career opportunities in India

Operations management involves the planning, scheduling, and handling of inputs into finished goods and services, which increases the manufacture of goods. Although the future is unknown, the breadth of operations management is not! E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in India, and its reach is expanding all the time. As these eCommerce industries engage operations professionals and experts, it will pave the door for MBAs to broaden their scope in operations management.

MBA in Operations Management


The benefit of an MBA in operations is that it is not limited to a particular business, but has broadened its scope to include various industries. The title also allows you to rise to the top of the organizational hierarchy and take on leadership responsibilities! The importance of operations management can be seen shortly as competition has increased and organizations need to simplify their supply chain to compete.

An MBA in Operations Management is a solid career option because it increases your employability. The truth is that applicants can enter any manufacturing company and may be suitably qualified to handle virtually all aspects of the production and manufacturing departments.

Career Opportunities for MBA in Operations


The Operations Manager is a senior position with responsibilities such as overseeing overall operations and ensuring effective and successful labor management, productivity, quality control, and security measures for the Operations Department.

Procurement Officer

The procurement officer is in charge of evaluating products, services, and suppliers, as well as negotiating contracts. They are also responsible for ensuring that authorized purchases are exceptional and profitable. This is also a viable career path after an MBA in operations management.

Supply Chain Program Manager

Communication, transportation, planning and analysis, inventory control, and general management are the responsibilities of the supply chain manager.

MBA in Operations Management

The supply chain manager is also important in logistics. He or she must closely monitor the market and customer expectations.

inventory control manager

The Inventory Control Manager ensures that resources and goods are properly stored following industrial inventory cycles. They are in charge of doing daily inventory analysis to solve inventory problems. His employment also includes developing and implementing inventory control processes.

Logistics supervisor

A logistics operations supervisor is a team leader in charge of a distribution center. Often the task description includes groups that interact with transport groups to facilitate clean distribution activities.

Business Leadership Associate

They collaborate closely with business managers, subject matter experts (SMEs), and business leaders to create action plans, manage existing accounts, and review work to improve business performance, profitability, and revenue growth. Monitoring the competition and keeping up with current trends are also part of your job description.

Business Services Manager

A business services manager who oversees projects within specified timelines is responsible for liaising with cross-functional departments, managing communication, allocating money based on project scope, and resolving issues.