/Operation Dost: continuing the tradition of providing humanitarian assistance to the affected country

Operation Dost: continuing the tradition of providing humanitarian assistance to the affected country

On February 6, 2023, Turkey and Syria suffered a destructive earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 34 km west of Gaziantep in Turkey. The earthquake destroyed buildings and more than 30,000 people lost their lives. After the quake, the region was also hit by more than 70 aftershocks, causing even more destruction and loss of life.

Relief materials and medical equipment began arriving in affected regions around the world. The Indian government launched Operation Dost to assist both Turkey and Syria in search and rescue efforts and also provided humanitarian assistance through emergency medicines, medical equipment and life-saving intensive care medicines.

Operation Dost: India lending a helping hand to Tu

Operation Dost: First response to the regions affected by the earthquake

The Indian government’s launch of Operation Dost is considered to be a first response approach, bringing rapid humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to earthquake-affected regions. Turkish envoy Firat Sunel said India was among the first nations to offer assistance to Turkey after the devastating earthquake on February 6. India sent teams from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) to the affected areas in Turkey on the night of February 6.

What is Operation Dost?

Humanitarian assistance to Turkey and Syria affected by the earthquake

The Government of India launched Operation Dost to help those in need in the earthquake-affected countries of Turkey and Syria. Under Operation Dost, India is sending a huge amount of humanitarian assistance to both Turkey and Syria.

As part of the operation, the Government of India has already sent tons of relief material to both countries in collaboration with the Indian Army. The government has sent relief materials, mobile hospitals and specialized search and rescue teams to Turkey.

Indian Army personnel deployed in search and rescue operations

In the hardest-hit areas of Turkey and Syria, the Indian government has deployed many army personnel to assist in search and rescue operations. Three self-sufficient NDRF teams, with more than 150 specially trained people, as well as the dog squad, specialized vehicles and other supplies, are already putting their expertise to work in the earthquake-hit areas of Turkey. Tons of specialized equipment and other relief materials have already arrived in Turkey.

Operation Dost: India lending a helping hand to Tu

Assembly of the Field Hospital by the Medical Team

The Government of India has sent medicines and emergency equipment such as portable ECG machines, patient monitors and other essential medical items to Syria.

NDRF teams are assisting in rescue operations in Gaziantep, while the field hospital set up by the medical team in Iskenderun has started operating, providing assistance through surgical and emergency rooms and X-ray laboratories and supplies doctors.

India stands firm with the people of Turkey

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has said that India will keep trying to save maximum number of lives under Operation Dost.

Seventh flight of Operation Dost brings more disaster relief consumables

The seventh flight of Operation Dost arrived in earthquake-hit Syria on February 12 with more than 23 tons of relief supplies, including power generators, sleeping mats, sunlamps, tarpaulins, blankets, emergency medicines, and medical care. disaster relief intensives and consumables.

Operation Dost: India lending a helping hand to Tu

For Turkey, the seventh flight of Operation Dost transports medical equipment such as ECG, patient monitor, anesthesia machine, syringe pumps, glucometer, blankets and other relief materials.

Other Indian humanitarian aid operations

Earlier, India was also involved in other humanitarian aid operations, including sending an Indian Air Force plane to deliver 25 tons of relief supplies for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the United States, sending 4 planes and 2 ships naval forces under Operation Castor to the Maldives for relief. after the 2004 tsunami, sending its forces under Operation Rainbow to Sri Lanka to carry out rescue operations after the 2004 tsunami, India was one of the first countries to send aid to Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar in 2008 and India sent 16 rescue teams and tons of relief materials to Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes.