/Scope and Career Opportunities in Robotics Engineering in India

Scope and Career Opportunities in Robotics Engineering in India

Robotics is an interdisciplinary field of engineering and science that encompasses mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer science, and other disciplines. Robots are machines that can perform a specific task. Robotics engineers work on the development, design, construction, and operation of robots.

Career Opportunities in Robotics Engineering

Most of the robots are used in the automotive industry to do repetitive jobs. An automated robotic arm is used in the automotive sector for a variety of industrial applications such as painting, welding, and part assembly. Some robots are also programmed to make simple decisions.

Robotics engineers mainly work in laboratories and production units adjacent to offices. Robotics aspirants can grow progressively in their careers. They may start as test engineers and work their way up to managers or directors. An experienced robotics engineer may even start his own consulting business and sell robots.

Scope in Robotics Engineering

Robotics is an engineering discipline that deals with the design and construction of robots. Robots are pre-programmed machines that can perform tasks autonomously or semi-autonomously for the benefit of the company. It comprises the design, construction, and programming of psychological robots to address problems in a variety of operational and industrial domains.

Robotics is a multi-disciplinary technical discipline of artificial intelligence that offers numerous job opportunities for some of the best companies in India and the world. From manufacturing units to experimental robots for the medical, military and automotive industries, the future of robotics engineering offers immense possibilities for its rising professionals.

Agricultural equipment manufacturing, mining, nuclear power plants, mechanical and electrical engineering, biomedical research, and marine exploration are all viable career options for robotics engineers. Despite being seen as a high-end profession in India, robotics’ potential and job prospects are expanding rapidly.

In India, robotics engineering is considered a high-level professional vocation. A candidate with professional experience in robotics engineering will find numerous job options. A robotics engineer can work in factories, laboratories, medical sectors, mining, automation industry, life sciences, aeronautical engineering, agricultural engineering, and other fields.

Robotics engineers are in high demand in the gaming industry as well as in manufacturing divisions. If the individual has a strong academic background, he may be considered for senior positions in research organizations such as ISRO and NASA.

Career Opportunities in Robotics Engineering

robotic programmer

The robotic programmer creates, tests, and reprograms robotic equipment. Robotics programmers assist robotics engineers in the design and configuration of robots. They run programs and closely monitor the results. Outside of programming, his typical tasks include installing and maintaining controllers, tools, and conveyors. In addition, they check the installation sites and train the Operators.

mechanical engineers

Mechanical engineers are involved in all aspects of the development and creation of mechanical equipment, including robots.

Career Opportunities in Robotics Engineering

The role of a mechanical engineer in robot design includes arranging and placing sensors that allow the robot to detect objects such as lights. These engineers test and refine the finished robot until it works as expected.

Robotics Technicians

Robotics Technicians are members of the team that creates robots. They assist manufacturing, mechanical, and electronic engineers with all aspects of robotic design, development, production, testing, and operation. They design, manufacture, install, test, and maintain robotics and related automated manufacturing systems. They also repair or replace faulty circuits, sensors, controllers, encoders, and other components.

robotics software engineer

People in this role create software systems and methods for robotic sensing, sensor calibration, autonomous navigation, and remote monitoring and control. It also involves tracking the production of software that is in sync with the physical components.

Electro Mechanical technician

An electromechanical technician specializes in operating robots and other remote-controlled equipment, such as drones. They make sure the equipment they work with is in good working order and perform routine maintenance on the robotics equipment.

Aerospace robotics engineers

Engineers in the aerospace industry use robotics technology to develop aircraft. The built robots will be useful for drilling holes, fabricating, welding and painting fuselages and metal parts. Robotic automation is also used in aerospace engineering. Robotics engineers can work in the area of ​​aerospace engineering to fill manufacturing job openings.

Robotic Design Engineer

A robotic design engineer is a specialist who designs and develops a robotic system using design software and equipment. His responsibilities include the development, testing and debugging of robots and automated systems. They are also responsible for the safe operation of the machines and the modification of any problems that arise.