/MBA in Marketing Management; Scope and career opportunities in India

MBA in Marketing Management; Scope and career opportunities in India

An MBA in Marketing is one of the most in-demand major programs. Because marketing is at the heart of every corporation, generating sales and money for the company, MBA students with good marketing skills are in constant high demand. MBA in Marketing students learn about sales and marketing, executive and leadership management skills, consumer trends, market strategies, product management, and market research in a variety of industries.

MBA in Marketing Management


In today’s global economic marketplace, the scope of an MBA in Marketing is expanding. Companies are looking for people who have completed their Master of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing to reach customers quickly and efficiently. Every business needs a marketing manager or someone who oversees marketing activities such as promotions, commercials, sales, media, entertainment, and many more.

Also, as digital media has grown in popularity, MBA programs in marketing, particularly in the digital realm, have grown in popularity. Marketing trends have changed and have been augmented by technological advances.

There are other job prospects in retail, tourism, banking, hospitality, media, advertising, consulting and market research. Candidates with an MBA in Marketing can also work as professors in famous institutions.
There are top-rated business schools in India that pay high salaries for teachers.

Career Opportunities for MBA in Marketing Management

Market research

Consulting positions are the best of the best when it comes to MBA placements. When it comes to hiring, the global consulting powerhouses are quite picky and only employ the top ten ranked institutes. Market research organizations are less demanding and open the doors to incredible opportunities for applicants to many MBA programs.

Business development manager

Business development managers play an extremely innovative role in the organizations where they operate. Your job description involves developing new business opportunities, meeting existing goals, and embracing new obstacles as they arise while gaining new perspectives.

Your main responsibility is to sell as many things as possible in a given period of time. Its role is to drive business growth and development by cultivating relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and consumers.

digital advertising

In addition to the traditional areas mentioned above, students also prefer to work in internet marketing. Digital marketing managers play a critical role in increasing brand exposure on the internet. As a Digital Marketing Manager, you will use various digital technologies such as SEO, SEM, and content analytics to help the company’s business grow.

product management

Product management is an essential component of marketing. It is a company-wide organizational process that includes, among other things, planning, production, and product review.

MBA in Marketing Management

A product manager is in charge of defining the product as well as its history. They lead the functional team of engineering, design, and operations professionals charged with developing the quality and tone of the brand.

An MBA is a good fit for this position because it demands excellent management skills. As a result, students seeking employment after completing an MBA in Marketing could explore product management as a viable career option.

asset manager

An asset manager is often retained by a financial services organization that provides asset management services by maintaining and overseeing the tangible and intangible financial portfolios of individual clients and corporate entities. An asset manager manages, operates and disposes of the entire portfolio of assets on behalf of their clients in the most profitable manner.

Brand manager

Brand Managers are among the most innovative and active marketing professionals. The role of the Brand Manager is to promote a brand to a large audience. Before they can sell a product, they must believe in it. Brand managers must make the product look good in the eyes of the customers.

Brand managers who have graduated from major business institutions are usually hired by reputable organizations. His responsibilities include developing a long-term strategy, evaluating the market, and promoting and advertising the product.

Director of Public Relations

The PR Manager must organize all the activities related to the public relations of the organization. They must also collaborate with teams from other departments. They must create a marketing communications strategy and a media relations plan. A public relations manager must present the corporate image of the organization to the interested parties.

media management

Another important area of ​​Business Administration is Media Management, which consists of organizing and directing the company’s media department.
Maintaining and building relationships with audiences and business customers helps grow the business.

Media planners are in charge of publicizing a product and helping the company meet its objectives. Media management includes both strategic and operational strategies to achieve group objectives. This is a great career path for students looking for job options after earning their MBA in Marketing.